Evan-GROUP is a leading group located in Kazakhstan specialized in International & Domestic transportation field, as well as in integrated logistics. As your reliable partner we do dispatch all over the world, handling all types of transportation services.

The continuous evolution of buying and selling in the globalized market and the difficulties dealing with burocracy may cause many worries & headaches for the companies involved in all over the world. Evan-Group Services fill this gap, offering technical and logistical support, along with an efficient information system and rigorous deadline control. In the globalized world where mega-mergers occur every day, we offered our services to compose and to minimize your efforts & transportation costs. Evan-GROUP Services provides turnkey logistics with an expertise in Freight Forwarding to customers worldwide. Our employees use years of experience in international freight forwarding field using their knowledge of transportation, documentation and delivery to foreign destinations. This expertise includes awareness of the shipping laws, international Incoterms, financial contracts and customs regulations to assist the clients with their international transactions.